Whatever You Want

featuring Cody Dickinson


Olga, “Whatever You Want – featuring Cody Dickinson” (219 Records) 4 stars.

August 25, 2011
by Kevin O'Hare, Fans of artists like Shelby Lynne, Bonnie Raitt and the North Mississippi Allstars should find a lot to like about Olga, a sultry, bluesy powerhouse of a singer/guitarist who’s been around for a few years but certainly deserves much wider uk The digital-only release “Whatever You Want,” features the North Mississippi Allstars’ drummer and multi-instrumentalist Cody Dickinson prominently and was recorded in Mississippi, the state that shaped Olga Wilhelmine Munding’s musical vision. Born in San Francisco, she spent a lot of years in the South, and while these songs are rooted in the blues there’s an expansiveness here that stretches beyond those borders. Standouts like “Just Take Your Time,” and “Don’t Look Back,” have a definite Lynne feel, but Olga’s distinctive styling is at once familiar and completely to withdraw from The instrumentation throughout is also first-rate with notably fluid guitar runs in “Call me When You Figure it Out,” while other songs including the tasty lighter touches of “Birds of Sorrow,” and especially the more soulful, harmony-layered and hook-filled “Little is Known” sound like they were destined to be hits. She’s had three previous albums. This one is must-listen, highly recommended. For more information on the Internet go to: Tracks to download: “Little is Known,” “Just Take payment methods